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Van Vleck WIT and POWER SET Lend a Hand at the Coastal Expo

May 16, 2012

    Van Vleck High School WIT and POWER SET members spent a day helping spark an interest in science in elementary students at the Coastal Expo on May 11. Over 500 elementary students participated in activities at Matagorda Bay Nature Park designed to teach them about Texas Coastal Ecosystems, why they are important, and how we can protect them. The event was sponsored by Texas Parks and Wildlife and the Lower Colorado River Authority (LCRA).

    WIT and POWER SET members helped throughout the day by serving as group leaders and assisting in activities such as fish painting, rock climbing, a touch tank with crabs and sea stars, and casting a fishing rod. Groups also got to watch expert demonstrations about gulf fish, beach trash and treasures, and life in a stream. "Throughout the year, WIT and POWER SET members have benefitted from the mentoring relationships we have with college and university faculty and with local industry professionals," said Van Vleck High School Counselor and WIT sponsor Mollie Huber. "What a great opportunity for our members to extend that mentoring to younger students."

    The high school students were invited to help with the Coastal Expo after a WIT field trip to Matagorda Bay Nature Park to participate in the LCRA's Coastal Investigation Program. The LCRA staff was so impressed with the enthusiasm and engagement of the WIT members during the field trip. "The LCRA program was so much fun that it was easy to want to come out and help at the Coastal Expo," remarked POWER SET member Meg Dement. "It was really rewarding to help the elementary students learn about the coast," added WIT member Matt Lamb.

    WIT and POWER SET are organizations intended to foster an interest in pursuing education and careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Both organizations are sponsored by the Nuclear Power Institute, a unique statewide partnership led by the Texas Engineering Experiment Station and headquartered at Texas A&M University.





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