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Van Vleck High School POWER SET Inducted 10 New Members

November 4, 2015

    Ten young ladies, students at Van Vleck High School, were inducted into POWER SET for the 2015-2016 school year on October 22nd. Each student received a pearl necklace which symbolizes overcoming adversity through hard work, persistence, and tenacity, the ideals of POWER SET. Ciara Brown, Katie Cockrell, Skylar Chilek, Mary Gutowski, Angel Hanzik, Brooklyn Marek, Meagan Smith, Sophia Tinus, Kathryn Willy, and Maddie Woolsey were selected based on scholarship, citizenship, and leadership skills. 

    Inductees pictured (top right) are Maddie Woolsey, Mary Gutowski, Skylar Chilek, Katie Cockrell, Meagan Smith, Angel Hanzik, Ciara Brown, Brooklyn Marek.


    Pictured are(back, left) Sophia Tinus, Kathryn Willy, Meagan Smith, Angel Hanzik, Mary Gutowski, Lizbeth Martinez, Brianna Srubar, Ruth Gutowski, Mehgan Orsak (front, left) Maddie Woolsey, Skylar Chilek, Katie Cockrell, Brooklyn Marek, Ciara Brown, Sierra Matthews, Emily Thompson, Miranda Orsak.