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Sweeny POWER SET Visits STP Nuclear Plant

January 27, 2016

    On Thursday, January 7, 2016, POWER SET members from Sweeny High School visited the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant in Wadsworth, Texas. Shelia Davis, STP Public Relations Manager, met with members upon arrival, and they viewed a short video which described the basics of nuclear energy and also the background of the STP facility at Wadsworth. Afterwards, members asked questions about the facility, internships, and available scholarships.

    Following the video, Women in Nuclear Representative Cathy Gann gave the members a tour of the control room simulator. In the simulator, Cathy described the daily operating procedures that employees follow and all the safety measures that are part of the every day operation.


    The last highlight was a visit to the 7,000-acre reservoir that is used for cooling the plant systems. The members enjoyed the wildlife that make their home near and around the reservoir.