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Sweeny High School POWER SET “Dress for Success” Program

January 29, 2016

    On Monday, January 25, 2016, Page Parkes Vice President and SHS Alumni, Tabitha Pagel Garcia, presented a "Dress for Success" program to Sweeny High School POWER SET. Tabitha discussed proper dress for interviews as well as how to prepare for unexpected interview questions including taking a speech class, studying improv, or just practice role playing. She also discussed the importance of proper jewelry and makeup for interviews. "Light makeup, no distracting jewelry, and nude polish on nails is best so an interviewer is not distracted while talking with you", says Mrs. Garcia.

    In addition, Tabitha discussed the importance of preparing for an interview. "You should always Google a company in preparation for your interview." She explained it is critical to have significant knowledge about a company so you can make a good impression on a potential employer. She also discussed the importance of a "clean" social media image. Mrs. Garcia says she always looks at a potential employee's social media before an interview.

    POWER SET members drew on their interview experience with the POWER SET advisory board to ask questions about interviews. Madison Taylor asked how to stall if you need time to compose your thoughts regarding a question. Tabitha talked about the importance of eye contact and a firm handshake in making a good first impression. Following the meeting, Tabitha distributed her contact information and told the members to contact her if they needed any additional information.



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