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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: WIT Explores Career Opportunities

December 3, 2012

    The Workforce Industry Training (WIT) program students at BCHS have attended two events sponsored by Phillips 66. One was on October 24th over Electrical and Instrumentation careers and another on November 7th over Pipefitting and Welding careers. At each event employees from Phillips 66 set up stations to explain their jobs/crafts/trades. They shared information such as work expectations, education required, hours they have to work and salary. There were also some hands-on opportunities at these stations. The group as a whole received information about the importance of safety in the work area and ideas of where they might get the education they need close to Bay City. Phillips 66 also provided supper at both events and gave away door prizes and take-home gifts. WIT at BCHS is sponsored by Jill Lowry.

    From December 2012 issue of "Paw Prints", Bay City ISD Newsletter.


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