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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: Palacios High School POWER SET Member Travels to Berkeley

June 13, 2012

    Palacios High School 3 year POWER SET member, Lindsey Phillips, will spend a second summer participating in the "Lead America Engineering and Technology Conference in Robotics and Engineering" at the University of California at Berkeley. This conference provides students firsthand experience building robots and programming them to do various tasks. Participants work with students from cross the United States.

    "As a parent, it is so exciting for your kids to go and experience new things and learn more than you ever thought possible. The POWER SET organization has really encouraged and helped her to challenge herself and take advantage of these new experiences. I don't know that she would have had the determination to do all of the things that she has done, without the encouragement of the POWER SET sponsors and mentors. Thank you so much for making all of this possible for Lindsey!" Marilyn Phillips (Lindsey's mother)


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