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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: El Campo High School WIT Member Going to Harvard University

June 22, 2012

    As children, people set what seem to be high goals for the future. However, for Senior Eli Kresta, his goals were achieved well beyond what he had planned for himself. A&M was the goal he wanted to accomplish. He did that - he was accepted to Texas A&M University along with other prestigious schools such as Notre Dame. However, little did Kresta's friends, family, and even he know that he would get accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in the United States - Harvard University.

    Kresta has been a student at ECHS his four years of high school. He has always been known as an academically accomplished student and along with academics, he has even participated in extracurricular activities such as WIT (Workforce Industry Training) and One Act Play. Even though balancing school with extracurriculars has been difficult, it was all worth it in the end.

    "I got accepted to A&M, Vanderbilt, Washington and Lee, Notre Dame and Harvard," Kresta said. "I just applied for fun [to Harvard], and I never expected to get in, but now that I have, it is kind of like a dream I never had coming true." Getting accepted into a school of this caliber is not an easy achievement for most high school students, and it wasn't easy for Kresta, either.

    "To get prepared for this experience, I have been super-involved in extracurricular activities, and I don't think I have had a free weekend at home in four years," he said. "I guess by trying my hardest, I came out on top."

    After thinking hard about where he wanted to spend his college career, he finally decided. "I have decided to attend Harvard because I feel like that is where God wants me," he said. "I plan on studying and gaining a pre-med degree; however, I will probably major in psychology, music, or human development biology."

    After college, Kresta has more schooling ahead. "I plan to go to med school and maybe go to the navy as a trauma surgeon."

    Kresta always remembered his mother's words of wisdom which pushed him harder and harder. "Well, if you did your best, I guess that's all I can ask," his mother Molly Kresta said.

    Even though his childhood dream was not as big as his accomplishments, Kresta is thrilled to have achieved as much as he has throughout the years and hopes to continue doing so in the future.


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