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STPNOC Women in Nuclear Hosts POWER SET

March 3, 2015

    On Monday, March 2, the STPNOC Women in Nuclear (WIN) hosted the Weaving the Stories of Women's Lives Symposium and invited area high schools' POWER SET (Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science, Engineering, and Technology) members from Van Vleck, Bay City, Palacios, El Campo, Sweeny and Tidehaven. There were 125 attendees. This event was held to show members all the diverse fields in this industry for the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) fields.

    Kicking off the symposium and offering the keynote address was Al Capristo, Executive Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer. In his message to the attendees, he addressed his background in the nuclear industry and advised the students to say 'yes' to new opportunities and seize every opportunity to shine.

    Michelle Smith, Supervisor, Electronic Records Management & Automation and Technical Assistance Center, acknowledged the 2015 National Honorees for National Women's History Month.

    Valerie Segovia, Director of Outreach and Development at the Nuclear Power Institute at Texas A&M and creator of the POWER SET program, spoke about the importance of having a positive attitude and being resilient in the face of challenges.

    Wendy Brost, Licensing Engineer, facilitated a panel discussion about women in STEM-related fields. The panel was made up of Kathy Van Daalen, Physicist, ALARA; Cathy Gann, Manager, Employee Concerns Program; Peggy Travis, Supervisor, Environmental; Kathleen Cornett, Manager, Accounting and Judy Ashcraft, Sr. Specialist, Quality.

    There as a networking lunch to conclude the three-hour symposium.




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