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POWER SET Visits STP Nuclear Plant and Meets Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

October 16, 2015

    On Thursday, October 8, 2015, POWER SET visited the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant to tour the simulator and meet with some of the mentors for POWER SET.

    Arriving at the facility, POWER SET visited the control room simulator to learn about how employees are trained to run the plant, what to do in case of emergencies and other scenarios, and how nuclear fission happens in the plant and how that fission creates energy. For the first time, all of the members were allowed to do something they always wanted: they were able to push any button in the simulator that they chose, and then they worked together as a team to figure out how to get the simulator back in working order.

    After the simulator, members met with some of the mentors at STP and Kathleen Van Daalen - STP Health Physicist and Women in Nuclear Chapter Representative, as well as lead mentor, showed POWER SET how much radiation was in everyday items that we all come into contact with, such as salt substitutes and ceramic plates.


    A bonus of this visit was that the two members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Nick Hernandez and Fred Sanchez, were on site due to meetings with STP to ensure that proper safety regulations and plant operations were being done correctly. They spoke to the group about career opportunities with the federal agency. Sanchez also emphasized the importance and dangers of social media. "Social media is a key player in the job search process today. Potential employers may research your social media accounts prior to an interview," said Sanchez. "Be cautious of what you post."


    To end the trip, we visited the giant reservoir that provides the water that cools the plant, as well as provides unique habitat for local wildlife.

    Leslie Gerberman, POWER SET, Palacios High School


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