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Palacios POWER SET Inducts New Members

October 2, 2017

    On Monday, September 25th, 9 new members of Palacios POWER SET were inducted for the 2017-2018 school year, bringing the total for this school year to 27 members. Ms. Kathleen Van Daalen, a Licensing Engineer and Health Physicist interacting with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission at STP, was the guest speaker for the evening. She has been a vital part of POWER SET from its inception, working tirelessly as the mentor coordinator. She has helped establish mentoring relationships between POWER SET members and professionals at STP for 10 years.


    Induction Photo -
    Front row, L to R: Quynh Nguyen, Karla Goytia, Chelsea Cambell, Sara Tran, Avery Kubecka, Guadalupe Mancera, Maria Serrato, Olivia Filip, and Mai Nguyen.
    Middle Row, L to R: Erika Espinosa, Lisa Nguyen, Jessica Muniz, Maria Muniz, Katie Nguyen, Lili Vu, Montserrat Garcia, Priscilla Nguyen, Dorothy Nguyen, Kayla Vu, Kaitlyn Marroquin
    Back row, L to R: Bailey Grones, Maria Hurtado, Christina Peterson, Tamara Perez, Summer Brandstatt, Brooke Vandenberg, and Rachel White


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