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Palacios POWER SET Visits South Texas Project

October 26, 2017

    On Thursday, October 12th, Palacios POWER SET visited the South Texas Project to tour the training facility, simulator, and resevoir, as well as meet with their mentors. POWER SET members are mentored by professional women who work in a variety of fields and departments at STP.


    Group picture 

    L to R, Back row: Carmen Serrato, Chelsea Campbell, Karla Goytia, Maria Hurtado, Brooke Vandenbergh, Avery  Kubecka, Quynh Nguyen, Mai Nguyen, Rachel White, Lili Vu, Tamara Perez, Christina Peterson, Jessica Muniz, Bailey Grones

    L to R, Middle Row: Olivia Filip, Sarah Tran, Katie Nguyen, Kayla Vu, Summer Brandstatt, Maria Muniz, Priscilla Nguyen, Dorothy Nguyen, Montserrat Garcia, Lisa Nguyen, Lupita Mancera, Kaitlynn Marroquin, Erika Espinosa

    Front Row, L to R (STP Mentors): Michelle Smith, Ashley Toth, Fatima Yilmaz, Wendy Brost, Courtney Cortez, Elizabeth Castanon, Brenda Verbeck, Kathy VanDaalen


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