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Palacios POWER SET Dissects Cow Eyeballs at University of Houston

March 28, 2016

    On Tuesday, March 15th, POWER SET traveled to the University of Houston to tour campus and participate in a cow eyeball dissection facilitated by PhD and graduate students.

    After an extremely informative general tour of campus, members went to visit Dr. Naash's lab in the Biomedical Engineering Department, which focuses on diseases of the eyes such as retinitis pigmentosa. Led by Rahel Zulliger, Maggie Mwoyosvi, and Lily Wu, students paired up and were able to complete their own dissection of a cow eyeball, learning about the different areas of the eye, diseases related to the eye, and different functions for each area. Dr. Muayyad Al-Ubaidi, Dr. Muna Naash's husband, also facilitated this lab and talked to the members about the need for young women in science and especially in research laboratories. This was an incredibly enriching, hands-on experience that the young ladies very much enjoyed.

    Once the cow eyes were thoroughly destroyed, the group went down the hall to Dr. Elebeoba May's lab, which focuses on biological pathways and systems, as well as "...develop[ing] multi-scale theoretical and empirical models in order to understand biological mechanisms that impact the dynamics and outcome of host-pathogen/microbial community interactions." POWER SET members learned about the specific research being done in the lab and were even able to view infected cells that were currently being studied as part of the lab's research, all of which were led by Danielle Stolley, Maya Gough, Komal Rasaputra, and Taha Salim. Along with the physical samples, members were also shown how pictures taken via a special microscope could then be uploaded into software that would simulate the cell's processes, as well as analyze what was happening to the cells.

    By Leslie Gerberman, Palacios High School


    Group photo ID: Top, L to r: An Nguyen, Bianca Hernandez, Audry Kessler, Charity Nguyen, Karina Garcia, Vy Tang Bottom, L to R: Thi Vu, Jenna Dunn, Brooke Potts, Bailey Grones, Ana Ortiz, Priscilla Nguyen, Lisa Nguyen, Lili Vu, Montserrat Garcia, Krystal Figueroa, and Erika Espinosa.

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