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Palacios High School POWER SET visits Sam Houston State University and Spark Conference at Texas A&M-College Station

December 8, 2016

    On Friday, December 2nd, Palacios POWER SET visited Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas. After a walking tour, members met with Dr. Cook and Dr. Gaillard of the Biological Science Department. Dr.Gaillard shared her research that focuses on "...studying how motility is regulated in eukaryotic cilia and flagella. These motility organelles have a core structure known as the axoneme that controls movement. My research focuses on characterizing signal transduction molecules that are present in the axoneme, and understanding how these molecules interact to produce movement. Chlamydomonas, a bi-flagellated protist, is used as a model organism for these studies." Microscopes were set up in a lab and members were able to create their own wet slides and see live Chlamydomonas that she had grown in her lab. A panel of graduate students in various science departments also took time to speak with us about their research and experiences as undergraduates, as well as took questions from us.

    Dr. Cook then took POWER SET to the Natural History Museum on campus, curated by Dr. Godwin, to show us their extensive collection, including a large collection of fish collected from Matagorda Bay.

    On Saturday, POWER SET traveled to College station to participate in the Student Engineering Councils' 3rd Annual Spark Conference. Students from all over were grouped and participated in a multitude of engineering events, including the building of a small scale airplane and a bridge. Following the competitions, students heard from an industry representative and watched a filmed tour of campus due to the rainy weather.











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