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Palacios High School POWER SET Visits Sam Houston and Texas A&M Universities

February 25, 2013

    On February 22nd and 23rd, the Palacios High School POWER SET traveled to Sam Houston State University in Huntsville and Texas A&M University in College Station.

    At SHSU, the young ladies met with Ag Ambassadors in the Department of Agricultural and Industrial Sciences who talked with the girls about general college life, as well as specifics to their majors, including Ag Engineering and Technology and Construction Management. They toured the Engineering Electronics Lab, rode modified bikes to create wattage, and drove through the Gibb's Ranch. They also tested water samples from Palacios at the Texas Research Institute for Environmental Sciences (TRIES), applying their knowledge of water pH and chemical compounds from science, to a professional situation.

    A&M-College Station proved to be a PHS Alumni reunion. Former POWER SET Members and current A&M students Amee Bumguardner, Lori Bumguardner, and Ashley Bui, along with PHS Alumni John Turner, gave our group a wonderful walking tour of campus. They pointed out the history and tradition that is so strong on campus. They even gave us a sneak peak into dorm life by showing us their own dorm rooms. The current PS members were given priceless knowledge about freshman year college life as they sat in the seats of a freshman chemistry class, including what NOT to do in regards to studying, choosing majors, and joining extracurricular groups.

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