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Palacios High School POWER SET Members Visit STP

November 4, 2013
PHS PS at STP reservoir

    On Thursday, October 31st, PHS POWERSET traveled to STP to tour the facilities, learn about potential careers in the nuclear power field, and visit with their mentors. The young ladies first toured the control room simulator, learning about how operators keep STP up a running due to "procedures." Procedures for everything, including non-operators, are the key to the success of STP. A "shutdown" of the reactors was simulated and it was established that STP has many safety nets in place, more than other nuclear power facilities. After the simulator, the PS members went to the office building where some of their mentors work. There, we watched the informational video about how STP was built and what the facility does, as well as heard the stories of the professional women who serve as mentors to our young women. The idea that was reiterated again and again was to never give up on a dream, to think outside of the box in regards to where your profession could be, and to know that women can do anything. Before we left STP, we drove up on the levee and were able to see where all of the water pumps from the reservoir into the plant. Not only did we see the function of the reservoir, but also the beauty of the place. Birds migrate to the location ever year, creating a pristine view.

    By Leslie Gerberman.

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