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Palacios High School POWER SET Members Attend WISE Conference at Texas State University

November 25, 2013

    On Friday, November 22, 2013, 5 PHS POWERSET members attended the annual WISE (Women in Science and Engineering) Conference at Texas State in San Marcos. "WISE focuses on women's accomplishments in science and engineering and seeks to narrow the gender gap in participation in those fields." The conference was opened up by a plenary address by Dr. Misty Rowe, a cement specialist at Halliburton. Then, the high school students attended a panel discussion consisting of female students in STEM majors from Texas State who answered questions about the college experience, as well as the difficulties of being female in male dominated fields. Following the panel, we toured a physics lab and were talked to about a graduate research project titled "Optimal Imaging without Lenses," in which digital lenses are being developed to allow pictures to be taken more quickly with no need to adjust traditional camera lenses through the use of digital lenses. Dr. Chris Nice, a biology professor at Texas State, then discussed his extensive research on a particular butterfly that is found in Texas and surrounding states and the affect of temperature on their caterpillar's color and development. After a lunch set up to network with other people at the conference, Dr. Lucy Lu and Dr. Clara Novoa presented their own research Computer Science and using mathematical optimization to solve real world problems. Dr. Lu spent a great deal of time explaining that there are many opportunities for undergraduate research, and that all the fun of finding answers wasn't solely reserved for graduate studies.

    By Leslie Gerberman, Palacios High School


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