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NRC Commissioner Bill Magwood Visits NPI

August 27, 2012

    Commissioner William D. Magwood, IV from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission visited Texas A&M on August 3. The primary purpose of his visit was to address twenty-nine individuals from Kenya who were participating in a one-month workshop on nuclear energy organized by the A&M Nuclear Power Institute and sponsored by the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Government of Kenya. Commissioner Magwood stressed the importance of a strong independent nuclear regulatory authority as a pre-requisite for the safe use of nuclear energy. He described the origins and history of the NRC and outlined the functions of the Commission. The group had numerous questions for the Commissioner.

    While he was at Texas A&M, Commissioner Magwood also met with faculty from the Department of Nuclear Engineering and visited some of the Departmental facilities including the Fuel Cycle and Materials Laboratory and the AGN-201 Reactor. He toured Disaster City as well to see the advanced training of emergency responders.