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NPI Hosts Summer 2012 E3 Preparation Workshop

May 3, 2012

    On April 28, NPI hosted its 2012 E3 (Enrichment Experiences in Engineering Program) Preparation Workshop.  The purpose of the  workshop was to provide E3 participants - secondary math/science teachers and preservice teachers - an opportunity to gain reparatory  information about the upcoming TAMU E3 program and to meet fellow NPI outreach  program and industry colleagues. 

    Teachers selected  by NPI to participate in the E3 program will spend 4 weeks at TAMU learning how  to introduce engineering concepts to their students, increase student awareness of engineering, and encourage students to consider an engineering career. Then, these teachers will spend an additional 2 weeks at either the South Texas Project or Comanche Peak job shadowing and learning about career opportunities and how their education and training applies to the energy workforce.  The program's mission is to excite, empower, and educate teachers about engineering so they can pass on the knowledge and skills learned in their own experiences to their students.

    Summer 2012 E3 WorkshopIn the photo:
    Jacqueline Kariofilis - Comanche Peak Senior Nuclear Instructor
    Doug Ogletree - 2012 NPI E3, Glen Rose High School WIT Sponsor
    Dr. Wayne Kinnison - TAMUK Professor, E3 Mentor
    Michael Marler - Comanche Peak Director Organizational Effectiveness
    Heidi Elliott - 2012 NPI E3, El Campo High School POWER SET Sponsor
    Darlene Jones - 2011 NPI E3, Mentor, Columbia High School