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NPI Expert Visits Nigeria and Thailand

March 2, 2012

    Dr. John W. Poston, Sr., Associate Director of NPI, traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to participate in the "International Conference on Nuclear Human Resource development in Asia and Pacific - the Role of Nuclear HRD after Fukushima Accident." The February 27th -28th meeting, sponsored by the Japanese Atomic Energy Agency, was attended by representatives from the majority of the Asian and Pacific countries, including Japan, Thailand, China, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Korea, Mongolia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam. Experts were also in attendance from Canada, the European Community, the World Nuclear Association and the International Atomic Energy Agency. Dr. Poston chaired the technical session of the Nuclear accident at the Fukushima Diiachi Site, and presented a paper entitled "Meeting the Human Resource Challenge in Texas."

    Dr. David R. Boyle and Dr. John W. Poston, Sr. traveled to Abuja, Nigeria on an IAEA assist visit on December 13th-15, 2011. They were hosted by Dr. F. Erepamo Osaisai, Chairman of the Nigerian Atomic Energy Commission. The primary goal of the mission was to attend a Workshop on the Nuclear Energy Program in Nigeria focused on Education and Training. In addition, they were honored guests at ceremonies to formally launch the Nigerian Master of Science Degree Programs in Nuclear Science and Nuclear Engineering. At the Workshop, besides reviewing and evaluating the Nigerian education program, the travelers presented four invited papers. Dr. Boyle presented two papers at the meeting; entitled "The Nuclear Security Science and Policy Institute at Texas A&M - An Innovative Approach to Graduate Education and Research: Lessons for Nigeria" and "Developing Indigenous Human Resources for a Growing Nuclear Power Industry: Possible Cooperation with US Institutions." Dr. Poston's papers were entitled, "International Cooperation in the Supervision of Graduate Research in Nuclear Science and Engineering: Practical Models and Experiences" and "Academic and Utility Cooperation in Texas." Even though both travelers enjoyed the interaction with colleagues at the Nigerian universities and government officials, Dr. Poston stated that one of the highlights of his trip was to be united with his first Ph.D. student, Dr. Bamikole Williams Jimba; who graduated from Texas A&M in 1985.