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News from STP: WIN Celebrates School End with POWER SET

June 7, 2012

    STP's Women in Nuclear hosted an end-of-year dinner for Palacios High School POWER SET (Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science Engineering and Technology) members and their mentors on Thursday, May 24. Twenty-six WIN members mentor 27 girls in the program.

    In 2008, STP partnered with Palacios High School to develop POWER SET, a program designed to provide high school students the tools, academic support and mentoring needed to pursue educational and career opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math. The program helps STP reach out to the local community, and raises awareness of potential career opportunities.

    WIN members volunteer as mentors to POWER SET students. The WIN mentors meet with POWER SET students at least once a month during the school year.

    Kim Danielski (above, left) and POWER SET member Courtney Carrizales.



     Kathy Vandaalen and POWER SET member Desiree Ledesma.



    WIN and POWER SET members enjoy the third annual end-of-year dinner at Palacios Mexican Restaurant.


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