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Malaysian Delegation Visited TAMU

March 5, 2012
Malaysian Delegation Visits TAMU - February 2012

    During the week of February 19, the Nuclear Power Institute hosted visitors from Malaysia. The Malaysian delegation included representatives from two universities and an organization that sponsors education in the country and abroad.
    The visitors were:
    from University Tenaga Nasional (UNITEN): Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Mashkuri Yaacob and the Dean College of Engineering, Prof. Dr. Mohd Zamri Yusoff.
    From the National University of Malaysia (UKM): Dean Faculty of Law, Prof. Dr. Aishah Bidin; Dean Faculty of Science and Technology Prof. Dr Sahrim Haji Ahmad and Professor Emeritus Prof. Dr. Noramly Muslim.
    From student sponsor organization (Tenaga National Foundation -TNB): Director, Mr. Azman Zakaria, Manager, Tertiary Education, Ms. Mazira Ahmad and TNB Research Sdn. Bhd., Sheikh Kamar Sheikh Abdullah.
    Today, the major components of Malaysia's electricity generation mix are natural gas (60%), coal (24%), hydro (8%) and biomass (4.2%). Malaysia is considering using nuclear power for electrical generation in the near future as part of their energy mix.
    The objective of the visit was to become familiar with the NPI and NSSPI educational and research activities, in particular, the efforts aimed at developing the workforce for the nuclear power plants in Texas.
    Guests from Malaysia met with Dr. N. K. Anand, Associate Dean, College of Engineering, Mr. Michael O'Quinn, Vice-President for Government Affairs, and Dr. Randy Kluver, Executive Director, International Affairs, Asia and the Pacific. They also visited the educational and training facilities at Texas State Technical College, Waco, and the Comanche Peak NPP.
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