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From Power GRID to POWER SET

October 5, 2017

    Mai Nguyen, Palacios High School sophomore and new POWER SET member for the 2017-2018 school year, is the first former Power GRID member to be inducted into POWER SET. She was part of Power GRID (Girls Responding to Industry Demand) as a 4th-6th grader at East Side Intermediate. This mentoring program pairs up POWER SET members with young girls to motivate and encourage them to pursue the STEM fields, as well as to do good in school and in life. Mai benefited from the mentoring program so much that she was able to transform her educational path and become an extremely high-achieving, highly-motivated high school student, reaching the Mastery level on her Algebra 1 End-of-Course, as well as maintaining a 4.0 GPA and taking many advanced or PreAP classes. Mai said this of her experience in Power GRID:

    Rhianna Aparicio was my mentor and she encouraged me a lot to do well in school and work hard. I loved the experiences I had in Power GRID, especially going to the Science on Saturday events. Those were really interesting and taught me a lot about science. Without those experiences, I don't think I would be in POWER SET today."


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