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Czech Republic's Ambassador at Large for Energy Security Visited Texas A&M University

March 14, 2012

    On March 2, 2012, Mr. Vaclav Bartuska, Ambassador at Large for Energy Security of the Czech Republic, and Mr. Jaroslav Zajicek, Deputy Chief of Mission, visited Texas A&M University.

    NPI Director, Dr. K. Lee Peddicord, says: "The meeting with Ambassador at Large Vaclav Bartuska and Deputy Chief of Mission Jaroslav Zajicek was extremely informative and productive.  The Czech Republic is moving forward towards building new nuclear power plants.  This is a key step in their national energy plans.  Ambassador Bartuska is leading an intensive effort to explore all aspects of the use of nuclear energy, and is looking closely at all current and new programs around the world.  We were very pleased to discuss the collaboration between Texas A&M University and the Czech Republic.  These include joint research projects dealing with increasing safety margins at nuclear power plants and acceleration strategies for numerical simulation of reactors.  These have the potential to be good contributions to the scientific literature and to the technology.  Visits and exchanges of professors and graduate students have already begun.  In addition, the Nuclear Power Institute is coordinating a high school science teacher exchange in which two science teachers from Texas, along with the NPI Director of Outreach and Development, will spend a week in the Czech Republic meeting with their counterparts.  This will be followed up by a similar visit by two teachers to Texas.  The visit also included tours of the two nuclear reactors at Texas A&M that are used extensively for education and research.

    During the visit, there was an opportunity to discuss with the Ambassador and the DCM a broader range of human resource development for the nuclear industry.  The expanding collaboration with the Czech Republic offers some very exciting opportunities."