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Christmas in the Lab

December 20, 2013

    Fifth graders in Jackie Ramsey's Cherry Elementary classes attended the Bay City High School "Christmas in the Lab" event on December 16, 2014. BCHS POWERSET and WIT students lead the elementary students through a rotation of labs set up in the BCHS science lab area. In one experiment the fifth graders made "slime," using borax, glue, water and dye in a chemical reaction. In another lab they made "gold pennies" by using heat, zinc, sodium hydroxide, and distilled water. A third lab had the students creating holiday ornaments. All labs were under the direction of BCHS students, and the POWERSET sponsor Vanessa Parker and WIT sponsor Jill Lowry, both of whom are BCHS science teachers. POWERSET, or Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science, Engineering and Technology, provides educational tools and essential support to help young women pursue educational professional opportunities in the STEM areas. It is sponsored by the Nuclear Power Institute in cooperation with BCHS and industry.

    By Allison Sliva, BCISD Public Relations.

    Christmas in the Lab 2014


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