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Sweeny High School POWER SET Visits UHCL and Space Center Houston

December 3, 2015

On Wednesday, November 11th, Sweeny High School POWER SET visited the University of Houston in Clear Lake. Students toured the campus and attended a seminar on applying to UHCL. They received information about admissions, housing, and financial aid. Following a quick lunch at the Patio Café on campus, students spent the afternoon at Space Center Houston. While at the Space Center, POWER SET toured the historic mission control center and Building 9 where astronauts train for their next mission. They also participated in the many activities available at the Space Center. ...
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Van Vleck High School POWER SET Inducted 10 New Members

November 4, 2015

Ten young ladies, students at Van Vleck High School, were inducted into POWER SET for the 2015-2016 school year on October 22nd. Each student received a pearl necklace which symbolizes overcoming adversity through hard work, persistence, and tenacity, the ideals of POWER SET. Ciara Brown, Katie Cockrell, Skylar Chilek, Mary Gutowski, Angel Hanzik, Brooklyn Marek, Meagan Smith, Sophia Tinus, Kathryn Willy, and Maddie Woolsey were selected based on scholarship, citizenship, and leadership skills.  Inductees pictured (top right) are Maddie Woolsey, Mary Gutowski, Skylar Chilek, ...
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Sweeny High School POWER SET Inducts New Members

October 27, 2015

On Monday, October 19th, twenty young ladies from Sweeny High School were inducted into POWER SET for the 2015-2016 school year. POWER SET (Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science, Engineering, and Technology)is a unique organization for high school girls that provides the tools, academic support, and mentoring needed to pursue STEM related educational and career opportunities. Members are selected on scholarship, citizenship, and leadership skills. Friends, family, and community members were invited to a reception in the high school cafeteria immediately follow...
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POWER SET Visits STP Nuclear Plant and Meets Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission

October 16, 2015

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, POWER SET visited the South Texas Project Nuclear Plant to tour the simulator and meet with some of the mentors for POWER SET. Arriving at the facility, POWER SET visited the control room simulator to learn about how employees are trained to run the plant, what to do in case of emergencies and other scenarios, and how nuclear fission happens in the plant and how that fission creates energy. For the first time, all of the members were allowed to do something they always wanted: they were able to push any button in the simulator that they chose, and the...
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Palacios High School POWER SET Inducted 10 New Members

October 16, 2015

PHS POWER SET inducted 10 new members for 2015-2016. 8 years after the inception of the very first POWER SET, membership has grown dramatically and students are experiencing more and more opportunities to help shape their futures. This year, a PHS alumni and lawyer, Jennifer Chau, was our induction speaker. Her speech focused on the great impact that the young women of POWER SET can make on fields that are traditionally male dominated. Along with our speaker, special guests Dr. Valerie G. Segovia, NPI Director of Outreach and Development, Matagorda County Judge Nate Mcdonald, Some...
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