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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: 2012 El Campo High School Top Graduates

July 6, 2012

At graduation the top five graduates (of 238) from the class of 2012 were pictured showing their rank. Four of the five are POWER SET members and are shown with their POWER SET cords. Pictured below (l-r) are Eli Kresta (WIT), Sarah Supak, Janae Saucedo, Jenny Johnson, and Kari Rives. The four young ladies are all members of POWER SET and are wearing their POWER SET cords (purple and turquoise). Photo by Casie Kruppa ...
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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: El Campo High School WIT Member Going to Harvard University

June 22, 2012

As children, people set what seem to be high goals for the future. However, for Senior Eli Kresta, his goals were achieved well beyond what he had planned for himself. A&M was the goal he wanted to accomplish. He did that - he was accepted to Texas A&M University along with other prestigious schools such as Notre Dame. However, little did Kresta's friends, family, and even he know that he would get accepted into one of the most prestigious schools in the United States - Harvard University. Kresta has been a student at ECHS his four years of high school. He has always been ...
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News from STP: Students Encouraged to Get Wild about Their Future at POWER SET Summit 2012

June 19, 2012

Education is powerful, and getting an education can change a person's life. That was the theme for POWER SET Summit 2012, where 15 young POWER SET members from Bay City, Louise and Sweeny school districts learned about career opportunities for women in the nuclear industry - and were encouraged to "get wild about" their future. "We know you have a lot of choices when you are trying to decide what to do after you graduate," said Cathy Gann, Owner Relations Manager and Women in Nuclear executive sponsor. "We hope you consider the nuclear industry. But whatever you do, get wild ab...
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June 19, 2012

Jasmin Rodriguez, a senior at Glen Rose High School, was recently awarded the Comanche Peak WIN scholarship. During her four years at Glen Rose High School, she maintained a 3.70 grade point average. Jasmin challenged herself to maintain A's and B's to maintain her class rank. She took many Dual and Advance Placement courses, such as Dual English (12 hours), Dual U.S. History (6 hours), Dual Algebra (6 hours), Dual Anatomy and Physiology (8 hours), Dual Biology (8 hours), and AP World History. By the time Jasmin graduated high school, she had a total of forty hours of college credit...
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STUDENT HIGHLIGHT: Palacios High School POWER SET Member Travels to Berkeley

June 13, 2012

Palacios High School 3 year POWER SET member, Lindsey Phillips, will spend a second summer participating in the "Lead America Engineering and Technology Conference in Robotics and Engineering" at the University of California at Berkeley. This conference provides students firsthand experience building robots and programming them to do various tasks. Participants work with students from cross the United States. "As a parent, it is so exciting for your kids to go and experience new things and learn more than you ever thought possible. The POWER SET organization has really encouraged ...
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