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NPI Certificate Training Program

The cost of our program is $1500 per training unit. The length of each training unit is 15 weeks. The training schedule is designed to encourage certificate program completion within one year. However, if necessary, an individual can extend the certificate completion timeframe beyond one year. Since the Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals and Nuclear Power Plant Systems units are prerequisites for the Nuclear Power Plant Operations unit, which is offered only in the spring semester, the recommended schedule is:  

  • Fall semester:  Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals and PWR Systems units 
  • Spring semester:  Nuclear Power Plant Operations and Human Performance units

Prerequisites for the program are:

  • a bachelor level degree in Engineering; or
  • Junior or Senior classification in an engineering or science field.

Successful completion of a training unit requires a score of 70 or above.

Students successfully completing all four training units will receive a NPI Training Certificate.  Students who do not complete all four units will still be awarded certificates of completion for each training unit that they complete successfully.

Please, visit the certificate program information page to get familiar with description of our NPI Training Certificate program.

If you want to assess your technical and student skills and your readiness to succeed in our program, we recommend to take the Online Learning Readiness Assessment Test. 

Upon completion of the program application, you will be provided with feedback on whether or not you are approved to participate in the program.

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