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Training Programs

The Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) at Texas A&M University is focused on developing the human resources needed to support the current and future use of nuclear energy in Texas and around the world. As such, NPI offers a variety of training programs for professionals working in nuclear energy and related fields, and can be custom-designed to fit the needs of the participants. Programs can vary in length from one week to four weeks, and program components can include a lecture series and laboratory exercises, team projects, visits to nuclear reactors (research and commercial) and relevant organizations, meetings with stakeholders, and high schools (outreach) and two-year educational institution visits.

NPI's training programs utilize the breadth and depth of Texas A&M University as a Tier I Research University. And since A&M's added distinction as a land-grant university includes a mission of extension, NPI also brings in acknowledged experts and leaders in various fields to address subjects of interest to program participants. As such, lecturers have strong backgrounds in their disciplines, and usually hold advanced degrees as well as senior positions in their respective organizations.

Program participants may include individuals with technical and/or non-technical backgrounds, and although the lecture content is oriented towards scientific and technical subjects related to nuclear energy, the material can be presented in a way that is understandable to a non-technical audience.

The general areas that can be covered during training are listed below. Note: This list is not comprehensive; groups can request other topics for inclusion in their training program.

  • Overview of basic atomic physics and radiation
  • Overview of the fuel cycle
  • Radiation safety
  • Nuclear chain reactions(requirements of a reactor and the basics of operations)
  • Nuclear knowledge development and management
  • New build experiences
  • Overview of the nuclear sectors of the US Government
  • Development of a national legal framework and the financial aspects of a nuclear power program.
  • Nuclear safety, security and safeguards
  • Grid requirements and reactor types
  • Small Modular Reactors (SMR) and deployment strategies
  • Nuclear finance and siting
  • Decommission and emergency response


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2012: The Utilization of Nuclear Energy Training Program for Kenyans

2013: Developing Nuclear Energy Capacity Training Program for Kenyans

2013: The IAEA Nuclear Energy Management School at NPI

2014: IAEA Group Fellowship Training