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Power GRID Program

Girls Responding to Industry Demands

NPI introduced a student mentoring program during this academic school year. Power GRID was grown from and supported by POWER SET members for pre-teen girls. The Power GRID Program provides POWER SET members an opportunity to give back by interacting and mentoring young elementary and intermediate female students - engaging them in academic activities that impassion these students to stay focused on a strong STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) path. Both POWER SET and Power GRID members have thoroughly enjoyed this new opportunity. These female students were able to meet with each other and share the challenges of being successful students. Members were able to participate in activities that varied from making Christmas cards for our U.S. troops, playing math and science vocabulary bingo, studying and tutorial activities, to robotics competition preparation. Power GRID has created a spark that has ignited a unique collaborative, nurturing relationship between older and younger students interested in perusing STEM.

Our Power GRID Mentor Program provides positive high school female student mentors from the POWER SET organization to motivate pre-teen girls to cultivate leadership skills, boost character development and encourage science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) subject acceleration.

The program is a year-long commitment between the POWER SET member mentor and a Power GRID mentee.

Power GRID Mentor Program Goals

  • Increase girls' sense of self worth
  • Improve girls' perspective toward STEM education
  • Help girls develop and define their short-term and long-term goals
  • Encourage social awareness through community service projects
  • Build positive relationships and support networks with adults and peers

"The Power GRID program is a tremendous benefit to the elementary school and will help to promote the STEM field to girls at a younger age. The sooner we can get these students involved and interested in the science and math fields the better chance of them being successful and having a more positive school experience."Brian Brooks, Sweeny High School Principal


Power-GRID photo1 Power-GRID photo2

Power GRID and POWER SET Christmas 2011. The Power GRID members from East Side Intermediate came to Palacios High School to celebrate the holiday season with their mentors from POWER SET.