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WIT: Workforce Industry Training

Modeled on the POWER SET program, WIT is open to both male and female students in high schools and offers similar benefits and opportunities as POWER SET such as:

  • Provides the educational tools and essential support to pursue educational professional opportunities in STEM technical fields.
  • Sponsored by NPI in cooperation with the schools and industry

What do WIT participants do?

  • Enjoy mentoring activities by industry professionals
  • Visit local industry partners
  • Participate in industry job shadowing
  • Take part in professional development activities
  • Visit universities and community colleges
  • Participate in community service
  • Hear from and meet guest speakers
  • Have scholarship opportunities

WIT Logo

How do I join WIT?

To be eligible for WIT you must

  • Be 14 years of age or older;
  • Be in the 11th  or 12th grade of a Texas high school;
  • Be a U.S. citizen or a non-citizen authorized to work in the U.S.;
  • Have a GPA of 2.5;
  • Have an interest in pursuing a STEM technical degree;
  • Submit an application for membership;
  • Participate in an interview for membership selection;
  • If male, meet U.S. Military Selective Service registration requirements;
  • Not be concurrently participating in the POWER SET program.

"Being a part of WIT, I have had the privilege to both witness and experience the effectiveness of the mentor program. The mentor program has allowed myself and other WITT members to get the personal commentary that we want on specific issues not only concerning the power plant, but also about the path to having a prestigious job like this. This personal input is something much more valuable than some other sources like Google or even Wikipedia. We have learned from people who were in similar situations as us years ago, and we have been able to gather tips from them that will help us overcome obstacles in our future. I admire the mentor's sacrifice of time to pour into the next generation the knowledge, insight, and work ethic that they have."Glen Rose High School WIT member

Click the link below to view the WIT brochure:
Workforce Industry Training Brochure

For more information contact Valerie G. Segovia.