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K-12 Outreach and Programs

The Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) actively promotes STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education at all K-12 levels. This commitment is manifested through a variety of outreach activities and programs that target students at the elementary, middle-school and high-school levels.

Outreach Activities

NPI's outreach activities continue to impact K-12 students across the State of Texas. Direct connections to Texas high schools have included participation in College Night and Career Day events on their school campuses. Students (and teachers) also receive information about collegiate campus preview days as well as special opportunities such as summer STEM camps, science competitions, robotics, and engineering festivals.

NPI also serves as a valuable resource to K-12 teachers about upcoming STEM conferences, workshops, and seminars around the state. In addition, NPI's participation in special events hosted by cities and communities is another way to engage with students, their families, and the public about STEM education.

Programs for K-12 Students

Science on Saturday (SOS) is an exciting science program designed to engage both the young (grades K-6), and the young at heart, in exciting areas of STEM. Created and sponsored by NPI, this annual event provides opportunities for young students (and their families) to learn about the wonders of science through a variety of demonstrations and interactive hands-on activities.

NPI has also developed unique outreach programs for high school and middle school students that provide the tools, academic support and mentoring needed to pursue educational and career opportunities related to STEM subjects. At the high school level, the POWER SET program targets females who have a strong aptitude in math and science, while the WIT program appeals to both females and males interested in pursuing a STEM degree. The elementary and middle school outreach programs include the Power GRID program for females and the BRT program for males. These four extracurricular programs continue to grow in number with almost 1000 students participating during the 2014-15 school year.

These K-12 programs have been extremely well received and have gained state, national and global recognition as an innovative approach to increasing the interest of young people in STEM. Program benefits include enhanced awareness and interest in local career options, as well as better understanding of the academic preparation needed for success in higher education.

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