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Teacher Summit

To help alleviate the shortage of young people choosing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) careers, Texas A&M University's Colleges of Engineering and Science hold an annual teacher summit. The summit provides teachers from all over the state of Texas with cutting edge content and applications to inspire the next generation of engineers and scientists. Teachers taking part in this day-long interactive experiential learning can earn eight hours of continuing education credit while also seeing science and research in action.

NPI Teachers Attend 2014 Teacher Summit at Texas A&M University

Since 2008, selected Texas high school STEM teachers have been invited to attend the annual Teacher Summit at Texas A&M University (http://stemsummit.tamu.edu/). This one-day event is hosted by the Colleges of Engineering and Science with over 100 teachers participating annually. The Teacher Summit goals are to (1) increase awareness of STEM in high schools; (2) provide high school teachers with materials that can be implemented in their high school curriculum; and (3) provide information to the teachers, as well as attending counselors and administrators, about how to best prepare their students for success in engineering and science at Texas A&M.

Since the beginning, NPI has enthusiastically supported the Teacher Summit. Besides annually provides funding, NPI encourages teachers at its partner high schools to participate in this professional development opportunity. During the recent 2014 Teacher Summit, attending teachers learned about the engineering and science programs at A&M and had opportunities to interact with A&M faculty, staff and students in STEM. Also, they participated in hands-on workshops that provided examples of using the engineering design process to teach math and science concepts; discussed ideas on how to bring engineering into the math classroom; and demonstrated interactive sketching with intelligent education applications.


More details on the 2014 Teacher Summit can be found at http://engineering.tamu.edu/news/2014/02/06/seventh-annual-teacher-summit-draws-more-than-120-high-school-teachers-from-around-texas


For more information, contact:
Magdalini Lagoudas
Director, Engineering Academic and Student Affairs
Dwight Look College of Engineering
Texas A&M University
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Phone: 979-862-8321, 979-845-7200
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