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The EUREKA program is a unique professional development experience for science and math teachers offered at Texas A&M University (TAMU) in partnership with the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI). EUREKA educators participate in a variety of activities including: curriculum enrichment development, collaboration with university professors and fellow Texas STEM teachers, tours and research opportunities.

EUREKA - Summer-2011

EUREKA Teachers at Texas A&M University - Summer 2011

Educators who participate in EUREKA:

  • Increase their understanding of engineering and its everyday application
  • Gain experience using scientific equipment to perform standards experiments
  • Are better able to provide students a context for understanding  how science is applied
  • Are better able to guide student STEM enrichment projects
  • Develop a series of STEM enrichment activities that will take place on Saturdays for students
  • Create and design programs that support STEM efforts in their community

EUREKA provides unique opportunities for educators:

  • Meet professors and other Texas STEM educators
  • Observe scientific work being performed in laboratories
  • Interact with current and future E3, POWER SET, WIT and C-MORE mentors and participants
  • Experience the nature of science through direct involvement
  • Learn to use scientific equipment, processes and practices found in research laboratories
  • Apply new knowledge and experiences to curriculum development that can be utilized in their schools/communities