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(Counselors Making Occupational Readiness Exciting)

In working with high school teachers and students through POWER SET (Powerful Opportunities for Women, Powerful Opportunities for Women Eager and Ready for Science, Engineering, and Technology) and WIT (Workforce Industry Training) programs, NPI has learned that school counselors want and need more information about careers in nuclear power as well as a better understanding of which educational tracks students need to follow if they hope to enter nuclear and other technical careers.  To meet that need, NPI has expanded its teacher program efforts with a parallel program that supports school counselors and provides them the essential knowledge that will enable them to assist students with their education and career choices.

In addition to enhancing counselors' understanding of STEM educational and career paths, the program provides personalized, informational opportunities for counselors to visit community colleges, universities and industry sites while collaborating with fellow counselors and NPI representatives. These opportunities broaden counselors' awareness of the importance of STEM education as they tend to their daily, wide-ranging demands and expectations. The NPI C-MORE component further strengthens our ties with teachers and students by including counselors who are an essential component of the education team. C-MORE operates in the same high schools as POWER SET and WIT, adding another element of support and quality to our efforts to enhance education in Texas.

"What is gained from C-MORE experiences will play a major role in the school setting and will be communicated to students in an effort to ensure that students are prepared to face the real world, be it college or the workforce." Diana Blumrick, Louise High School