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University of North Texas
Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering Technology


Between 1989 and 2013, the University of North Texas has delivered a program that, upon completion, resulted in the award of a Bachelor of Science in Nuclear Engineering Technology to the employees of the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Plant near Glen Rose, Texas. Many of the students who completed the program have been promoted to positions of greater responsibility and value to the utility industry. The on-site delivered degree program resulted in over 150 employees getting four-year degrees.

The program, paid for entirely by the utility company with no State of Texas support, was open to the public, but very few non-utility employees chose to participate. Due to budget concerns, utility support to fund this on-site delivered program was terminated in 2013.

The program has been continuously accredited by TAC of ABET since 1996 and was the first Nuclear Engineering Technology program in the United States to be accredited by that institution. This means that students from this program can become Registered Professional Engineers in the State of Texas by acquiring appropriate experience and passing the Fundamentals of Engineering and Professional Engineers Examinations.

The degree was developed with power plant operations in mind from the start. In addition to nuclear courses, the curriculum includes courses in Mechanical Engineering Technology (Fluids, Heat Transfer, Thermodynamics, and Statics), and Electrical Engineering Technology (Circuit Analysis, Controls, and Transmission and Distribution) to provide a solid foundation for all aspects of nuclear power plant operations.

Previously, under the auspices of the Nuclear Power Institute at Texas A&M, the faculty of program developed online course materials that are available for use throughout the state of Texas by other universities and community colleges. These courses include "Fundamentals of Nuclear Power", "Radiation Detection and Safety", "Reactor Analysis", and "Balance of Plant Process and Equipment". The courses are the intellectual property of the Texas Work Force Development Agency.

The University of North Texas, College of Engineering, is currently working to establish the degree on campus. The plan is to first offer Nuclear Engineering Technology as a degree minor. Then, with sufficient student interest, expand it to again be a four-year BS degree. The on-campus incarnation of the program may be expected to place less emphasis on reactor design and more on effects of radiation on materials, radiation protection, and emergency management aspects of nuclear energy.

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Mr. Jerry Davis

University of North Texas
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