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Nuclear Technology

Utility companies plan to build at least 8 new nuclear-powered electrical generating plants in Texas. They need trained technicians and engineers to operate these new power plants. Obtain the training you need for this successful career at Brazosport College with an Associate of Applied Science: Chemical Technology, Process Operations Option - Nuclear Power Specialty with Enhanced Skills Certification or transfer to Texas A&M University for completion of nuclear related Bachelor of Science degree.

The nuclear power technology program will train you with the essential skills that you need to work in the nuclear industry. Courses include math, chemistry and process technology as well as nuclear fundamentals and power generation technology. There are scholarship opportunities available for full-time students to cover the cost of tuition, books and fees as well as opportunities to work in the nuclear plant in the summer.

Nuclear Field of Study Courses

  • ELPT 1370 Introduction to Power Generation Technology
  • NUCP 1371 Math and Chemistry Fundamentals for Nuclear Power
  • NUCP 1370 Nuclear Fundamentals I
  • NUCP 1471 Nuclear Fundamentals II
  • NUCP 1472 Nuclear Power Plant Organization and Processes
  • NUCP 2470 Nuclear Power Plant Systems I
  • NUCP 2471 Nuclear Power Plant Systems II

Degree Programs:

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Chemical Technology
Process Operations Option
Nuclear Power Specialty with Enchanced Skills Certification

For more information contact:
Gary Hicks
Division Chair, Physical Sciences & Process Technologies