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Instructions for Non-Students and Students from Other Universities

Individuals who are not currently students at Texas A&M or one of our partner institutions can still earn a Nuclear Power Technology Certificate. 

Application Requirements

Our certificate training program is designed for individuals with a bachelor-level degree in engineering or science fields. Even though the program does not require knowledge of nuclear engineering, it still requires basic knowledge of nuclear physics, mechanics, fluid dynamics and linear algebra. 


The new cycle of training will start at the beginning of the Texas A&M University semester. The training is delivered asynchronously on a week-by-week schedule. The weekly-based schedule allows students to work on their own schedule and in a different time zone.

The cost for non-TAMU students is $1500 per entire class regardless of the amount of credit hours.  

Certificate Requirements

Students who successfully complete all four training units will receive a NPI Training Certificate together with a detailed description of the training program. Students who do not complete all four units will still be awarded certificates of completion for each successfully completed training unit.

For More Information

If you are interested in our certificate training program, and you are a non-student or a student from a university other than our partner universities, please complete our pre-application questionnaire. We will review your information and contact you regarding your eligibility for the program and the next steps you can take.

Complete the Pre-Application Questionnaire.

If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Galina Tsvetkova (tsvetkovag@tamu.edu) for more information.