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Nuclear Power Technology Certificate

The Nuclear Power Technology Certificate program, which has been offered by the Nuclear Power Institute since 2010, is intended for individuals interested in preparing themselves for a career in the nuclear industry. The required coursework is provided via distance education, and non-students with a bachelor degree in engineering as well as junior or senior-level students in non-nuclear engineering majors are eligible to earn this valuable certificate. The instructors hold Ph.D.s in nuclear engineering, and several have nuclear power plant experience.

Applying to the Program

The courses included in the certificate plan are provided by distance education at the following NPI partner universities:

Non-students and students from other universities are also able to apply for the certificate program.  

Certificate Requirements

To earn a Certificate in Nuclear Power Technology, an individual must successfully complete four courses (total of 12 credit hours). The course offerings are:

  • Nuclear Power Plant Fundamentals (3 CR, offered in Fall and Spring semesters)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Systems: Pressurized Water Reactors (3 CR, offered in Fall semester) OR Nuclear Power Plant Systems: Boiling Water Reactors (3 CR, offered in Spring semester)
  • Nuclear Power Plant Operations (4 CR, offered in Spring semester)
  • Human Performance For Nuclear Power Plant Engineers (2 CR, offered in Spring semester)

For detailed course descriptions, click here.

The course schedule outlined above is designed to encourage certificate program completion within one year. Since the Fundamentals and Systems courses are prerequisites for the Operations course, the recommended schedule is:

  • Fall semester: Fundamentals and Systems courses
  • Spring semester: Operations and Human Performance courses

However, if necessary, an individual can extend the certificate completion timeframe beyond one year. And for students concurrently pursuing a degree (e.g., bachelors or graduate), the certificate program can be completed after their degree has been earned.


Each course is delivered and evaluated as a distance education course (via the World Wide Web, http://nuclearpowerinstitutecourses.org). No on-campus class meetings are scheduled. Pre-recorded lecture videos as well as interactive online lectures, course materials (alternative to textbooks), handouts and resource links are available for downloading for those enrolled in a course. Typically, course requirements include homework assignments, exams, and quizzes. Expectations for a three-hour course includes online class meetings 3 times per week plus 6-9 hours per week dedicated to class preparation (e.g., working on assignments, reading course materials, studying for exams/quizzes). Expectations for a four-hour course include online class meetings 3-4 times per week plus 10 hours per week dedicated to class preparation (e.g., assignments, reading course materials, studying for exams/quizzes).