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Nuclear power plants require a variety of technical disciplines in order to operate successfully. In the U.S. model, approximately 30% of the technical workforce are engineers holding a bachelor's of science degree. The other 70% of the technical workforce are plant technicians or technologists who typically have an associate of science degree.

For the engineers, a number of disciplines are needed besides nuclear, including mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, chemical engineers, civil engineers, engineering physicists and engineering technologists. However, utilities find it valuable for these engineers to have a prior background in nuclear power plant technology.

Nuclear Power Technology Certificate Program

To meet this need, and with industry input, the Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) developed a Nuclear Power Technology Certificate program for individuals interested in preparing themselves for a career in the nuclear industry. The required coursework is provided via distance education, and non-students with a bachelor degree in Engineering as well as Junior or Senior students non-nuclear engineering majors are eligible to earn this valuable certificate. The instructors hold Ph.D.'s in nuclear engineering, and several have nuclear power plant experience.

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