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College and Beyond


The Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) believes that earning a college degree is so much more than amassing the required academic coursework. Enrichment experiences provide added value to the students' academic endeavors, and NPI encourages students to embrace opportunities that will enhance what they are learning in the classroom.

NPI works closely with college students throughout the pursuit of their academic degree by providing information on opportunities that promote student success and achievement; by serving as a resource as students prepare to secure their first job in the workforce; and by offering information and guidance regarding academic programs that support the development of a highly skilled, well-trained and educated nuclear energy workforce. More information on these three efforts is outlined in the paragraphs below.

In-College Activities

NPI encourages students to participate in activities that prepare them for success during their academic career (and beyond). Some of these enrichment opportunities include participation in student organizations, internships, externships, co-op experiences, research projects, service opportunities, and others. Besides providing rich experiences for the students, these activities contribute to the development and strengthening of valuable personal attributes sought by employers including strong oral and written communication skills, time management, leadership and teamwork. Students are encouraged to "give back" in various ways, such as mentoring, leading campus tours and sharing their college experience with high school students and others.

Preparing for Beyond

NPI can provide support to students as they seek "that first job". Resume-writing workshops, mock interview sessions, Career Fair participation, and networking opportunities including meet-and-greet events with industry representatives are a few of the ways that NPI helps students as they embark on their careers in the nuclear industry.

For more information on the opportunities outlined above, contact:
Ms. Jay Haines (NPI, Recruiting Manager, 979-845-0972, jayhaines@tamu.edu).


NPI provides the leadership and support for the comprehensive development and delivery of academic programs necessary to prepare for nuclear industry workforce needs. NPI's partner institutions offer the educational programs needed for a range of jobs in the nuclear industry. Two-year associate degrees and certificates prepare students to enter utility-training reactor-specific programs to become plant technicians, plant staff, and reactor operators. University students can earn a certificate in Nuclear Power Technology while completing undergraduate degrees in engineering disciplines other than nuclear (e.g., mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemical engineering, engineering physics, and engineering technology).

Important: Earning a Nuclear Power Technology Certificate is not restricted to students currently enrolled at a two-year or four-year academic institution. Non-students can also participate in this on-line, distance-education program and earn this certificate. More details are provided here: Certificate Programs.