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About NPI

The Nuclear Power Institute (NPI) is a unique statewide partnership led by the Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station and headquartered at Texas A&M University.

NPI brings together four-year universities, two-year educational institutions, and public schools with the nuclear power industry, state and local organizations, and state, federal, and international agencies. Together, they can meet the challenge of providing the highly skilled, well-trained, and educated workforce needed to operate new and existing reactors in Texas.

Brief History

The Nuclear Power Institute was established on December 6, 2007 by the Board of Regents in response to the need identified by the nuclear industry to develop the new nuclear workforce. The availability of the workforce is on the critical path to initial operation of the plants.

The Nuclear Power Institute has responded by forming a partnership with several universities and two-year educational institutions, industry, governmental agencies, high schools and middle schools, teachers, and elected and civic leaders. New academic programs at the two-year and four-year level have been developed and implemented.

Outreach to students and teachers is a priority. Very innovative approaches have been created to link with teachers and students to inform and encourage high school students to enter into academic programs leading to STEM careers including those in the nuclear industry. Some of these have been recognized nationwide for their creativity and effectiveness. Plus the growth in nuclear power nationally and internationally are all facing the nuclear workforce issue.